This page is intended to give you an general view on what my blogs are about. My name is Samantha and I decided to start these blogs as a way to express with the world the things I love. They are only quick overviews, you can find a more detailed overview on each blog’s page.

Going in to my mid-twenties I realized that I liked a whole lot of things, and wanted to find people who liked them, too. So here we are. Read below about my blogs, click through and read and leave your comments. I’m always happy to hear from like minded people and I look forward to sharing my stories with you!


The Munches’ Litter Box

The two, non-human, loves of my life are my cats; Callie and Huckerby. They’re crazy, goofy and lovable and have turned me into the crazy cat lady that I always knew I could be.  I mean, who doesn’t love cats, and if you say you, it’s just that you haven’t met the right cat. Cause they’re as different as people. I’m currently living with three (one of them belongs to my roommates) and not one of them is similar. Read on to hear more about the shenanigans that my cats get in.


Grammie’s Recipes

As a child I used to spend quite a bit of time with my Grammie. She was a wiz in the kitchen and a fierce scrabble player. Because cooking was our thing and the thing that we bonded over, upon her passing I was left her recipes. In this blog I am going to recreate some of her favorite recipes.


Healthy Proportions

Weight. Too many of those who are overweight and obese, this word is dirty. I guess you could say I am one of them. As a person who’s never been thrilled about the numbers on the scale, I have reached my final straw and am going to turn things around. It’s time. This blog will bring you through my daily/weekly struggles with keeping on track with my food and exercise.

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